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The Struggles Alive The Struggles Alive

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is tight . holla! ill be mostly likely feature this beat in my upcoming flash, ill getcha once its in da portal. keep it up. my beats are shit compared to urs. fuck paragon!

kamakazi-AKA-crazy responds:

no doubt....if i see my beat in a flash...ima flip

and i like some of your beats you be beatin me in the charts all the time, lol

But yeah holla at me if you use it
aight peace

Blaze 50 - Jay Z Dont Sue Me Blaze 50 - Jay Z Dont Sue Me

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice Nice

damnn that shit was hot! wut u use to make ur beats man? did you rip those voices of jay-z's songs or didya dowload his vocals or sometin, reply plz

kamakazi-AKA-crazy responds:

If you look at my reply to Poetic's Q in The Struggles Alive.... you'll see how i make most of my beats..... as for jay on the beat.....thats just accapelas off The Black Album, you can get em on a p2p limewire

the reason i put em in there is to set the song apart from others..... try it if you want aight.